Guaranteed Monthly Rent All Year Round. Zero Gaps & Fully Managed.

We rent directly from landlords and property managers to provide short term housing solutions for our guests. We guarantee rent and cover everything from weekly cleaning to maintenance and all tenant requests. Submit your details below and see if your property qualifies.

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Why Landlords Love
The City Keys

No Commissions Or Hidden Fees

The City Keys signs a lease directly with you. We guarantee the rent each month. No extra fees, commissions or charges. It’s really that simple.

Vetted Guests

All of our guests are fully vetted and our clients are respected professionals from some of the biggest corporate companies in the world.

100% Guaranteed Rent

You don’t have to worry about rental gaps or tenants not paying the rent. We take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy hassle free income guarenteed each month.

Full Property Management

The City Keys takes care of everything including all guest requests, maintenance issues and repairs.

Why Property Developers Choose Us

1 – 6 Year Lease

Once the property is available we are ready. Our lease contracts can be anywhere from 1 – 6 years and we take on multiple units at a time.

Furnishing & Interior Design

If the property is in need of a facelift we will redesign and buy new furniture bringing it to a 5 star standard for our clients and guests.

Zero Rental Gaps

Our clients will fill your property all year round. Even if there were a quite month we still guarantee the rent no matter what.!

Immaculate Weekly Cleaning

All of our cleaners come from five star hotel backgrounds. Your properties will be kept in immaculate condition and cleaned every couple of days.

About Us

The City Keys is a serviced accommodation company. We rent directly from landlords and provide short term housing solutions to our clients
and guests. Our company was established over six years ago

with the aim to provide property owners with the solutions they need in order to maximize their property’s revenue. We started in London and found there was a huge demand for our service. We now accommodate corporate clients, small families and take the hassle out of dealing with tenants.

The City Key’s will guarantee your rent so you can enjoy your property
investment. If you own a portfolio or just one property we provide a 5 star service and everything is kept in tip top condition. No commissions, no fees, no rental gaps, maintenance is covered and a steady stream of income 100% guaranteed.

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More Great Benefits

We Guarantee Your Monthly Cashflow

We rent directly from you and, in return, we pay a fixed amount of rent every month 100% guaranteed.

We Fully Furnish & Design Properties

If you property is in need of a facelift we will redesign your apartment and buy new furniture.

We Maintain The Highest Standards

We provide weekly cleaning, fresh linen, repairs and plumbing, The City Keys handles all tenant requests.

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Our Promise To You

The City Keys will manage your property to a 5 star standard and guarantee rent every month so you can sit back and enjoy your investment. If you own a portfolio or just one property we provide an excellent service that makes sure everything is kept in tip top condition. No commissions or fees, maintenance is covered, no rental gaps and a steady stream of income 100% guaranteed. The City Keys will become wholly responsible for the management and maintenance of your property. There are no hidden management fees. We have a  strong occupancy rate for all of our apartments which allows us to provide a fixed rent to you, payable into your bank every month. You will never miss out on income waiting for your next tenant. The City Keys furnishes and maintains all properties to the highest of standards with beautiful interior designs and weekly cleaning so your investment stays in perfect condition and even increases in value. Contact us today to find out if your property will qualify.

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